Mobile Car Detailing by Scottsdale Detail Service

When looking for the best mobile car detailing service in Arizona, look no further than  Scottsdale Auto Detailing. We’ve been servicing the area longer than we’d like to admit, so your car is in great hands. With extreme attention to detail, rest assured your car will look like it just rolled off the assembly line. Why take time out of your busy day to get your car detailed? As a mobile detailing service, we will journey wherever our services are needed! Making things simple and convenient for you. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible. We make car cleaning simple and fit into your schedule. We pride ourselves in being the most affordable premier interior and exterior detailing service money can buy. Whether you’re an executive with a busy schedule or a car enthusiast wanting to ensure your ride is sparkling before next weekend’s meetup.  We’ll give your car the tender love and care it needs with our extensive list of car cleaning services.   Not all mobile detailing services in Scottsdale are the same. We pride ourselves in an easy, affordable  mobile car detailing service. Though just because Scottsdale is in our name doesn’t mean these are the only areas we service. Being mobile, we’ll take the trip to detail your car, whether in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, or Mesa. We want to make sure your car is ready for any event. Give us a call today at (480) 448-5243.

How much does mobile auto detailing cost?

white glove, come-to-you auto detailing service doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. A mobile detail can cost less than a traditional drop-off detailer since we don’t need a shop to maintain it. You have to consider a few factors like the level of cleaning required, vehicle size, and additional options you can add on, but an essential mobile detail can average $125 to $250. Call us today for additional info and an exact quote.

Why should you trust us for your mobile car detailing in Scottsdale?

We started by offering our services to high-end vehicle owners. We’ve had the pleasure of detailing many beautiful vehicles like Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jets, and helicopters in the Scottsdale Airport Park and Mesa Regional Airport. We’ve found a demand for a high-quality, mobile, and detail-oriented team of professionals for the general public. We use the same processes, techniques, and products we’ve always used and mobilize our team across the Phoenix Valley to provide all residents with superior detail.

Benefits of Mobile Car Detailing

  • We come to you. Home, office, or while you’re enjoying an afternoon out
  • We bring our own water supply, products, and tools
  • We work on your schedule and at your convenience
  • Safer than standard car washes
  • High quality, reliable and affordable
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What our Customers say about Us!

Based on 33 reviews
I recently had scratch removal done, and I must say, the results were incredibly accomplished. Highly recommend their service!
Dirk Pruitt
Dirk Pruitt
The teams auto detailing services were outstanding as they took care of the interior vacuuming duties. They were able to finish their work by the expected time as promised.
Tim Westwood
Tim Westwood
This team is highly recommended for their skilled leather cleaning and conditioning service for auto detailing in Arizona. They ensure your car to stay clean with their friendly approach.
Rick Buffington
Rick Buffington
I had hired (what my friend referred to as the best car retailer in scottsdale) and was not let down. Sometimes a retailer can be hit or miss but Steve’s Attention to detail really lived up to my referrals description. Professional, prompt, and considerate of other things your vehicle needs to have the best finish. I’ll likely hire these guys back in a few weeks for their ceramic coatings too. Great experience.
anthony veresan
anthony veresan
I was pleasantly surprised by the compassionate and straightforward mobile detailing service Scottsdale Auto Detailing offers.
Robert Rollerson
Robert Rollerson
This team recently assisted me with auto detailing, and I found them to be very punctual while adopting high-quality polishing.
Curtis Keyser
Curtis Keyser
Incredible service! Punctual for the appointment and very thorough. The wash and final result were outstanding! I've already booked another appointment!
Alpher Sohaib
Alpher Sohaib
Great job guys
Dylan Chancey
Dylan Chancey
What would have taken me hours took them about an hour. Inside and out looks great, and the detailing service was a great price!
Ryan Cohen
Ryan Cohen
I had no idea you could ceramic coat your car's interior. They were very nice, inexpensive, and I'm not worried about the color of my dash or seats fading anymore.
Stephanie Hanson
Stephanie Hanson
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Mobile Auto Detailing in Scottsdale

Mobile Auto Detailers in Scottsdale are a dime a dozen. We know. That’s why we built a team of technicians with several years of experience each so you can be confident that your vehicle is in good hands.

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Ceramic Coatings in Scottsdale

Looking for Ceramic Coatings? You’ve reached Scottsdale’s most reliable, knowledgeable, and professional ceramic coating technicians. Feel free to call us today for a complimentary quote – we’re happy to answer your ceramic coating questions.

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Headlight Restoration in Scottsdale

Foggy, dull, or ugly headlights? No problem! We’ll be able to restore your headlights to their original condition so you can shine bright like a diamond when you arrive at Toca.

Let Scottsdale Auto Detailing care for your asset.

What does car detailing entail?

We’ll start with the basics. Car detailing is the service of cleaning your car’s interior or exterior. We mention Not only do we do a thorough exterior clean. We start with a gentle hand wash. This removes all the dirt and grime built up on the exterior car panels; however, we can take it further into the engine bay cleaning, tire detailing, and a fresh coat of wax to protect your paint. If you want to take it a step further, we would be glad to look at applying a ceramic coating to protect your paint from the elements further.

Why do I need ceramic coating services?

Especially driving around Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix, we recommend getting a ceramic coating that will work wonders to keep your car clean and protected. It’s a highly effective coating beyond just a simple wash and wax. It can protect your paint from nature’s elements, such as UV rays and oxidation. If you want more protection from things such as rocks and scratches, we recommend looking into PPF or Paint Protection Film.

Can you tell me about the interior car cleaning services offered near me?

When you need interior car cleaning services on top of our exterior car detailing, we ensure that every inch of your car is tended to. We remove mats, and seat covers to ensure each mat is vacuumed and prepped to remove grease and dirt. Using a direct compressor, we gently blast away all dirt and crumbs. Making sure every corner gets touched. Especially the creases of seats since we understand that’s the most challenging spot to get with any other hand tool. Next, we move onto the dashboard, armrests, and center console. We’re serious when we say we won’t miss a spot!

Can you detail my engine bay?

You’ve got it! Regardless of where you live, we’ll ensure every car cleaning service is top quality! As an extra service for any car we’re detail cleaning, we can always take it further to get under the hood. The engine is arguably the most essential part of your car since there’s no getting from point A to point b without it. Therefore we believe a clean engine is a happy engine and just an extra precaution you can take to ensure you squeeze out every mile you can. 

Do I really need car detailing to keep my car clean?

I’m sure your mother raised you, saying you should take care of the things you love. I’m sure you think you can clean your car yourself; however, the luxury of having a professional car detailing service handle the heavy lifting for you is precisely why you should call us. Car cleaning and detailing is all we do; we have all the tools needed to ensure your car looks brand new! Especially since Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix are more affluent cities, you can feel fresh riding around town in a clean, detailed car. The best part is you don’t have to hunt us down; we’ll make our way to your neck of the woods since we are a premier Mobile detailing service for the Scottsdale Phoenix area.

How can I get my car detailed today?

We’re glad you asked! We make the process super simple. You can either fill out the service form towards the top right of the page or call us directly at (480) 448-5243, and we’ll schedule a time and date that works best for you. One of our detailing professionals will take the trip to meet you at your home, place of business, or anywhere you feel comfortable to get the job done. Ease and convenience are 2 of the many reasons you should pick up the phone and call today!

Regardless of what you drive we’ll make sure your car is taken care of at the highest level. With an extensive interior and exterior wash; we’ll have your car shining bright. We’re experts at cleaning and detailing. Whether you need more intensive services such as waxing, tire detailing, paint correction, or just a simple hand wash. We’re as local as your back pocket.. or wherever you keep your phone. Simply give us a call and we’ll swing by to make sure all your car cleaning needs are tended to.