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Headlight Restoration in Scottsdale

Are your headlights looking foggy, hazy, cloudy, and dull? Do your headlights shine less brightly than they used to? It’s most likely time to restore your headlights and have them looking and performing like new. Your headlights are on the front lines and take punishment daily from environmental factors. Not only does it have your car look less than ideal, but it is also dangerous and diminishes your headlight’s functionality and performance. Let’s clean your headlights, restoring them to look like new!

What is Headlight Restoration?

Car headlight Restoration is the process of restoring the old headlight lens. Over time the lens of your headlight displays a yellowish tint and other noticeable discoloration. When the polycarbonate lenses are exposed to air, which is very probable, the headlight becomes oxidized. This oxidation, combined with the sun’s UV radiation, causes microscopic cracks that transform your once beautiful headlights into a cloudy and hazy eye sore.

How to restore headlights

Will will determine the cause of your faulty car headlights. This can be water vapor inside the headlight unit, dirt and chemicals from the environment, road damage from other cars, or the most common, which is oxidation. Depending on how oxidized the headlight plastic lenses are, removing the foggy layer of oxidized plastic with fine sandpaper is the start. Next is to polish the headlight to remove any fine scratches from the sandpaper. Lastly, we will use a sealant for UV protection to make the lens sparkle and extend the longevity of its life.

Is it safe to drive without restoring my headlights?

This is an easy question; if you feel that the current state of your headlights does the job, it may still be safe to drive as is. The real question is, will you and your family be safer if your headlights work at one hundred percent of their capability? This is an easy yes. Not to mention that you can be fined for driving an unsafe vehicle. Because headlights constitute a significant safety feature on your car, you will want and need them in the best condition to keep you safe. Anytime your headlight lenses look gloomy and need a quick restoration, Scottsdale AZ Detailing is a call away!

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